What is Colourstart?​

Colourstart is a unique patch test used by hairdressers as a skin allergy test.

These tests help the hairdresser to check if clients are likely to have a problem with hair dye. The alternative is often unpopular and impractical for clients.

Colourstart is used on clients who do not have time to visit the salon 48 hours before every application. It is used on clients who do not want hair dye left open on their skin.​

Colourstart is one of the most important advancements in professional hairdressing. It helps to improve client satisfaction and safety in the salon.​ Due to its benefits and ease of use, Colourstart is rapidly becoming an industry standard.

What is hypersensitivity?​

Hypersensitivity is an over-reaction of the immune system to an invading antigen or hapten.

Both antigens and haptens have the ability to provoke an immune response. Antigens can do this alone but haptens (such as PPD) are smaller molecules and must be associated with a larger molecule as a carrier.​

The over-reaction of the immune system brings about pathological changes in the tissues of the body known as an allergic response or allergy. Antigens and haptens that provoke an allergic response are known as allergens.​

Common hypersensitivity responses include the reaction to some types of food, pollens (hay fever), Poison Ivy and some man-made (anthropogenic) chemicals acting as haptens.

Why test for hypersensitivity?

PPD (paraphenylenediamine) is the active ingredient found in permanent hair dye, which is proven to elicit allergic reactions in hypersensitive individuals.​

As reported in the press recently, allergy to PPD can cause uncomfortable reactions, which may result in symptoms such as soft tissue swelling, blisters and infection.

In rare and extremely severe cases the reactions can be life threatening.​ These allergic responses can develop at any time.

Whether a professional or domestic user of hair dye, the simplest way to avoid complications is to test.

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